4 months in Uppsala

It has been almost 4 months since I arrived in Uppsala to start my master’s here. I have not been able to properly sit down and update this blog as I have been very busy. I have experienced many different things in my new hometown!

I have finished the first half of the semester of my master’s. My courses are interesting and I have a lot of assignments. I don’t have many lectures, but I’m expected to read a lot in my ‘free’ time.

The student nations make university life in Uppsala much more fun. There are 13 nations you can choose from to become a member of. Each nation has their own activities (such as sports, theatre, and choirs) or club nights. Clubbing in Uppsala is a bit different from what I am used to. The clubs open quite early (most of the time around 18.00) and close early as well (around 01:00 usually). For special occasions, the clubs might stay open until 02:00 or 04:00.

The nations organize formal Swedish dinners every once in a while, called gasques. During these gasques you will get familiar with many of the traditions that have existed in the nations for centuries. There is singing, lots of toasting, alcohol, speeches, sketches, and orchestras.

The nations also organize events such as beer pong, unlimited waffle lunches, or pub quizes. The nations have pub nights during the week, alcohol is much cheaper there compared to ‘regular’ pubs downtown.

As a student at Uppsala University, you can get free tickets to see the local football team, IK Sirius, play live. They play in a small stadium, IP Studenternas, which is located in the downtown area. When the football season is over, you can see Sirius’ innebandy team play live. Innebandy is Swedish ice hockey. Both are fascinating to watch, the supporters really get into the game!

My friends and I decided to try out orienteering in the dark. Orienteering is a Swedish activity, you will receive a paper map, a compass, and headlamps, you’ll have to find your way through a foresty area without google maps. My friends turned out to be very good navigators and we quickly found our way through the Swedish nature.

Uppsala has a lot of nature which can easily be explored by hiking or biking. I have hiked through forests such as stadskogen and Håga. It is also worth it to take a look at Gamla Uppsala, an interesting historical site.

Uppsala has a yearly event, called kulturnatten (culture night), during which you can try different foods, look at all sorts of acts and visit the museums for free.
Interestingly, if you want to work out for free, you can easily go to an outdoor gym. Uppsala also has a lot of nice places to go for a run.
You can also take a train to explore towns close by. For instance, if you want to see the ocean, you can go to Furuvik.




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