Swedish summer courses at Uppsala University

One of my reasons for coming to Uppsala early was for the summer courses offered by the University. They have officially started and are loads of fun! I’m in a class with about twenty other international students. It’s been interesting to hear where everyone’s from and what they’ll be studying in Uppsala.

The course is quite fast-paced, which I like. As a Dutch person, the pronunciations are quite difficult. But reading is easier, as I can sometimes guess words due to the similarities. Our teacher is really helpful and kind! It’s a very relaxed environment.

We have classes in the morning, so I have all the afternoons off. Which is nice, since I’ll still have a bit of vacation. Even though we do get some homework.

I have also moved into my own room. I have my own room with bathroom. I share the kitchen with other people living in the corridor. I’m still desperately looking for a cheap second-hand bike, but still without any luck! I’m too far away from the city center to walk, unfortunately. So I have been taking the bus. The buses are always on time, so it’s very reliable. However, taking the bus every day can get quite expensive. One trip costs 22kr.


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