Learning Swedish for free

If you’re going to study at Uppsala University I recommend you taking the Intensive Basic Swedish courses. If you’re a student at UU, these will be free. This course starts at the beginning of the August. Aside from these courses, there are other ways to learn some Swedish, for free!

  • First of all, download an app called Duolingo it’s a great way to practice and increase your vocabulary. This will also help you develop a feel for the Swedish language.
  • Sign up at learningswedish.se and practice with the alphabet, numbers, and phrases. This website has some great exercises to help you understand spoken Swedish.
  • If you like YouTube, go subscribe to Swedish vloggers! In vlogs people tend to use every day spoken language. You will come across phrases that are used in daily conversations and might not covered in a text book. Examples of Swedish Youtubers: Keyyo, Therese Lindgren, Sabina Decireé, Amir Akrouti, Josefine Olsson, Helen Torsgården, IJustWantToBeCool. (Nackagubben does not speak Swedish in his videos but does explain interesting Swedish words)
  • You can also listen to Swedish Podcasts.
  • 8Sidor is a real Swedish news site that uses very easy words.
  • On svtplay.se you can watch Swedish tv shows, however, you can only watch this if you’re actually in Sweden. As far as I know, you can’t watch any content outside of Sweden.






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