Exploring Uppsala part 5

Today I decided to walk in a different direction than I did the previous days. This time I walked alongside the Fyris again, but towards Svartbacken. On my way, I passed through a neighborhood with two (!) basketball courts. I also spotted a lot of bridges. You’re able to cross the Fyris at many different points, apparently. After checking out all the bridges I felt like I saw enough of them so I wanted to go back to the downtown area. All I had to do was navigate towards the Domkyrka. It’s not allowed to build anything higher than the cathedral, so it’s visible from a lot of places in Uppsala.

Lastly, before crossing the St Olofsgatan bron (bridge) back to the city center I had to take another picture of the Domkyrka. It’s safe to say that I am now a proud owner of a folder on my laptop with pictures of the Domkyrka from several angles. I’m sure I’ll take many more pictures of Uppsala’s greatest treasure during my time here.


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