Exploring Uppsala part 4

I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night, so by the time I left my room it was already lunch time. It wasn’t very busy at MoeJoe’s so I stopped there for a quick lunch. I decided to walk around a bit without checking where I was going. I ended up in a ‘foresty’ area with some steep hills. Note to self: do not go here when it’s snowing. I had issues walking down the hills without snow or ice, so yeah.

On the way, I met a lot of hikers and joggers. After about 300 meters of walking, I found myself at the Uppsala castle again. It’s almost as if every road in Uppsala leads to that exact point. At the castle, it was a lot busier than the previous days. I saw a lot of tourists strolling around, taking pictures.

I finally got to take a decent picture of the cathedral! I walked around the castle again to see the view. From the castle, you can see quite a bit of Uppsala. I walked back to the foresty area, but ended up straying away from the city. Suddenly I was in the Stadsparken again. Unlike yesterday, the weather was quite nice today. I saw a lot of people sunbathing and sitting down in the grass. I was getting tired and dizzy so I walked back to my room along the Fyris. I saw a lot of ducks on my way back. Before going home I picked up a kanelbulle for my late fika.


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