Exploring Uppsala part 2

I met up with two cool international girls and explored more parts of Uppsala. We first marveled at the Domkyrka. The inside was still as beautiful as yesterday.
At the Carolina Rediviva we decided to look inside. It is an old library that belongs to Uppsala University. The inside smelled like books.

Our next stop was the Uppsala Castle, we decided to look inside. There was some kind of exhibition on being yourself. Outside of the Uppsala Castle, we took in the beautiful view that can be seen when standing next to the GunillaklockanWe then walked through the Botanical Garden to the Linnéträdgården. There were a lot of pretty flowers and weeds. Each plant had a separate name tag. I came to the conclusion that I know like three plants.

We then felt like it was time for some fika. After our mandatory fika, we walked along the Fyris river to the Stadsparken. At the end of the park, I got a glimpse of the Studenternas IP, the stadium where IK Sirius plays its home matches. IK Sirius is Uppsala’s football team and plays in Sweden’s ‘premier league’ (Allsvenskan).



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