Exploring Uppsala part 1

The new academic year hasn’t even officially started yet, but I’m already in Uppsala. I want to get here early to get everything done before the semester starts and because I will be participating in a basic Swedish course at Uppsala University. I currently have lots of (alone) time so I can decide whatever I want to do. As an anxious introvert, this is a win-lose situation. I don’t have to spend too much time socializing. But… I have to deal with all the uncertainties alone. Here you can read about moving abroad when you suffer from anxiety.

Now I still have the time (and money) to wander around. I started out by walking around downtown, this area is quite easy to remember. You probably won’t get lost here. I read online that there is an art museum (konstmuseum) in the Uppsala castle (slott). So I walked from the city centre to the museum. Along the way, I passed the University’s Library (Carolina Rediviva), a very impressive building. The art museum is interesting, I especially liked the (temporary) exhibitions on the top floor. In particular the art pieces by Idun Baltzersens and Peter Tillberg.

I then decided to proceed my journey to the Botanical Garden (trädgården), which is right in front of the Uppsala Castle. The garden is incredibly beautiful and leads you to the Linneanum. I continued my journey to the Linnéträdgården and saw signs that read ‘Evolutionsmuseet‘ so I followed those to get to my next museum. I had to pay 50 kronor. The museum can be summed up as: place with a lot of skeletons. Which is very exciting if you like dinosaurs!

I walked back to the botanical garden and hung around the fountain for a bit. I saw a lot of people standing still there and continuously tapping their phones, I think it has something to do with PokemonGo, haha!
I decided I want to go to Uppsala’s cathedral (Domkyrka) so that’s where I went next. I sat on the benches inside for a bit to observe the tourists and the rest of the cathedral of course.

Lastly, I decided to get a shake and a sandwich at Joe & the Juice.



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